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Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance


Programme Summary

This programme aims to produce graduates who are knowledgeable in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance as required by the industry, locally and internationally.


Entry Requirement

Qualification SPM STPM STAM UEC / O-Level SKM Others
Specific Entry Requirement 3 credits  and pass in Mathematic 1 principal pass Maqbul rank N/A N/A A recognised certificate in Muamalat and Islamic Finance or equivalent
General Entry Requirement **Passed in SPM
Before Year 2013
Passed in Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Malaysia at SPM
Year 2013 onwards
Passed in Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Malaysia & Sejarah at SPM
Additional Entry Requirement N/A
English Requirement for International Student IELTS 4.0 / TOEFL PBT (397) or TOEFL IBT (30-31) or CAE (160) / CEFR B2 or PTE (30) or CPE (180) / CEFR C1


Programme Structure

Semester 1 / Year 1 MPU2163 Pengajian Malaysia (Local Students) 3 NONE NONE
MPU2133 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 ( International Students) NONE NONE
CCM2011 Ko-kurikulum 1 1 NONE NONE
DYL1272 Introductory English 2 NONE NONE
DMKT1103 Introduction to Marketing 3 NONE NONE
DMGT1103 Introduction to Management 3 NONE NONE
DYG1202 Computer Application 2 NONE NONE
Total Credit Hours 14
Semester 2 / Year 1 DMQT1103 Business Mathematics 3 NONE NONE
MPU2213 Bahasa Kebangsaan A 2 NONE NONE
MPU2222 Kemahiran Menulis NONE NONE
MPU2332 Kemahiran Berfikir & Membuat Keputusan NONE NONE
MPU2242 Pengurusan Masa NONE NONE
DYL1362 Business Communications 2 NONE NONE
COS2021 Ko-kurikulum 2 1 NONE NONE
DECO1103 Principles of Economics 3 NONE NONE
DIFF1013 Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance 3 NONE NONE
Total Credit Hours 14
Semester 3 / Year 1 CLM2031 Ko-Kurikulum 3 1 NONE NONE
DYL1372 Business Writing 2 NONE NONE
DIFL1013 Usul Fiqh 3 NONE NONE
DIFA1013 Fundamental for Islamic Accounting 3 NONE NONE
DMGT2203 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3 NONE NONE
DQMT2203 / / DTAX 1103 Elective 1 :Quantitative Analysis For Business/ Introduction to Taxation 3 NONE NONE
Total Credit Hours 15
Semester 1 / Year 2 MPU2332 / MPU2312 / MPU2342 Etika dan Moral / Perkembangan Sains dan Peradaban Manusia / Perlembagaan & Masyarakat / Isu-Isu Kekeluargaan 2 NONE NONE
CSE2041 Ko-Kurikulum 4 1 NONE NONE
DIFC1013 Islamic Capital Market I 3 NONE NONE
DIFT1013 Takaful 3 NONE NONE
DIFL1013 Fiqh Muamalat 3 NONE NONE
DBC2653 Elective 2 : Introduction to Business / Consumer Behaviour 3 NONE NONE
Total Credit Hours 15
Semester 2 / Year 2 BLAW2203 Business and Consumer Law 3 NONE NONE
DIFL1033 Islamic Banking and operational 3 NONE NONE
DIFB1013 Islamic Credit Management 3 NONE NONE
DIFM1013 Marketing of Islamic Finance Products & Quality Customer Service 3 NONE NONE
DIFW1013 Islamic Wealth Management 3 NONE NONE
Total Credit Hours 15
Semester 3 / Year 2 DMGT2323 Business Ethics 3 NONE NONE
DEG2712 Emerging Issues and Technology in Auto Industry 2 NONE NONE
DIFE1013 Islamic Economic 3 NONE NONE
DIFL1033 Qawaid Fiqh 3 DIFL1013 NONE
DFAR1133 Elektif 3: Foundation in Audit / Fundamental of Costing 3 NONE NONE
Total Credit Hours 14
Semester 1 / Year 3 INT3305 Internship 5
Total Credit Hours 5


Career Prospect

  • Takaful Advisor
  • Islamic Finance Consultant
  • Financial Planner
  • Islamic Finance and Banking Officer
  • Wealth Management Officer
  • Risk Analyst in Financial Services