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University Sustainability: Changing Paradigm ShifWhile change is constant, survival is the rate of responsiveness to change. The future is predictable but remains uncertain and therefore, sustainability becomes the key to survival. University is the conglomeration of the learned in pursuit of knowledge and excellence for the benefits of society. University growth and progress is a journey. It will be a journey towards a Sustainable University built upon institutional strength, academic prowess, financial agility, brand and location factors.
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Redefine Entrepreneurship In The Context Of University Establishment

Entrepreneurship is the most powerful economic force known to mankind. There has been a great deal of attention paid to the subject of entrepreneurship over the past few years, stemming primarily from the discovery by economic analysts that small firms contribute considerably to economic growth and vitality.
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Teaching Engineering – Preparing For The New Frontier Part 1 of 2

In recent years there have been many debates concerning the quality of engineering graduates emerging from colleges and universities penetrating the industry. Majority of the industry players pointed out that recent graduates are not up to the mark. Relics such as “I don’t know what they teach college kids these days” indicates the frustration by the industry people on the poor performance of these new graduates from engineering and technical aspects of work. Institutions of higher learning then reacted by aligning their curricula to be in-line to the industry’s needs and practices by introducing final year projects using work-based learning method, increasing the duration of internship at the industry and even starting Industrialmanship programs as early as second year.
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Professional Engineer Interview: An expert Guide to a Successful Application

Another quality product from DRB-HICOM University written by one of our faculty member who has been in various fields in engineering for more than 30 years. This book is dedicated to all engineers who are applying for professional Interview to finally obtain Professional Engineer Status. Engineers surely wont regret buying this book.
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Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era

Organisations and even countries have to continuously innovate. Innovation is not an option but the cornerstone of sustained economic growth and prosperity. The call for innovation has never been more intense and loud.
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Higher Education and The Future Jobs

Assalamualaikum wbt and Salam Sejahtera; I would like to begin this discussion with the purpose of higher education. Although it sounds too basic, but I believe it is fundamental, as what John F. Kennedy claimed to say “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”There has been a debate for many years on this particular topic. I personally concur with Andrés Fortino that the primary objective of higher education is and should be the creation of prepared minds.
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