DRB-HICOM received visit from Princess Naradhiwas University

1 APRIL 2019 – DRB-HICOM University was honoured to receive visit from Princess Naradhiwas University,Thailand led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rossukun Sangmanee the president of Princess of Naradhiwas University. Also part of the delegation were Mr Alee Jehlae the Assistant of President (International Affairs), Dr Aslan Hilae, the Dean Faculty of Science and Technology, Mr. Wanchai Kaewnunual the Dean Faculty of Liberal Arts, Asst. Prof. Tawee Boonphirom the Dean Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Yunyong Surut the Dean Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Phanpen Thavornprasit the Deputy Dean Faculty of Engineering, Asst. Prof.  Bongkoch Kamolprem the Dean Faculty Management Sciences and Asst. Prof.  Cheloh Khaekphong the Director of Islamic and Arabic Studies. This is the first visit from Princess Naradhiwas University to DRB-HICOM University. They were taken on tour of the campus led by Prof Sofri Yahya the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Prof Dato Dr Abdul Aziz the head of Industrial Relation & Collaborations. The delegates were impressed with the University’s infrastructure and technology that is used as learning tools for the students. After the tour of the campus, both universities had a session to discuss on future potential collaboration such as academic research, students exchange programmes and others.

In February, during the Malaysian-Southern Thailand Educational Project (M-STEP) Colloquium 2019, both Princess Naradhiwas University and DRB-HICOM University signed a Memorandum of Understanding in staff exchange, academic program development, student mobility, and student exchange and research collaboration.