Memorandum of Understanding between DRB-HICOM University and Phuket Rajabhat University

3 students from Phuket Rajabhat University join DRB-HICOM University Student Exchange Programme.

11 December 2018, Pekan- Another great moment was made in DRB-HICOM University when Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU) sent 3 of their students to participate in the student exchange programme with the university.

PKRU delegates led by the University President, Assc. Prof. Dr Hiran Prasarnkarn, accompanied by Asst. Prof. Dr. Noppadol Chanwarang, the Vice President, Dr.Anusara Sawangchai, the Programme Director and three of their students were first taken to visit the campus environment. The program then continued with the signing of Memorandum of Understanding to establish connection between the two universities. DRB-HICOM University representatives was led by Prof. Dato’ Sr. Dr. Haji Omar Osman,  accompanied by Prof Sofri Yahya, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dr Zahari Dean of Faculty Business & Management.

“We are honoured to come and create a relationship with DRB-HICOM University due to the reputation of the university in their Entrepreneurship Programme. That was why we sent 3 of our students here to be part of the student exchange program to experience the technology based entrepreneurship,” said Assc. Prof. Dr. Hiran Prasarnkarn, President of PKRU.

According to Mr Amin, the Deputy Dean of Faculty Business and Management, the students will undergo a one semester programme in the university. The students will have to run a project based on entrepreneurship and the university will evaluate them based on their success of the project. Not only the students will learn about our university programme but they will also experience our Malaysian culture during their stay here.

“The reason that the three of us decided to go to DRB-HICOM University is because we are interested to learn the entrepreneurship programme that DRB-HICOM University offers especially in their technology based entrepreneurship course so that we can contribute much more to our own university,” said Sajee Dachopanang, exchange student from PKRU.

The three students also planned to pursue their master degree after graduating and wish to continue in DRB-HICOM University in Master of Science in Technopreneurship programme.

DRB-HICOM University welcomes Nalinthip Sanglang, Pinida Kasem and Sajee Dachopanang to the university.