DRB-HICOM University Visits Beijing Geely University

PEKAN, NOVEMBER 22, 2018 – On 15 October 2018 DRB-HICOM University has added another great moment in history when the university decided to visit Beijing Geely University to have an in depth discussion on the establishment of cooperation and mutual exchanges between academic staff and students of the two universities.

The representatives from DRB-HICOM University were Prof. Dato’ Sr. Dr. Omar Osman, Vice Chansellor of DRB-HICOM University, Deputy Vice Chansellor Prof. Sofri Yahya and the Dean of Centre of Academic Collaboration and Transform, Mdm. Safiza Simon while the representatives from Bijing Geely University were President Huo Weidong, Vice President Lu Junxi, Vice President Zhao Kaihua, Assistant President Ren Guangxin, Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering Wang Guiqin, and Dean of Business School Chen Yuhua.

The President of Beijing Geely University, Huo Weidong welcomes Prof Dato Dr Omar Osman with open arms and added that it is surely a long awaited meeting for both universities. Being both universities have a close relationship with one another. It will effectively promote a deep cooperation between the two universities.

Prof Dato. Sr. Dr. Omar Osman said that he is very grateful to Beijing Geely University for their hospitality. Speaking during the meeting, he mentioned, “This cooperation is not limited to teacher-student exchange program between the two universities or research collaboration. It may extend to any activities, academic or co-curricular which can bring an immense value to both universities”.

Adding to that, President Huo Weidong hopes that Beijing Geely University shall establish a profound cooperative relationship with DRB-HICOM University to build a learning and communication platform for students and teachers and further promote the internationalization level of the school.

Ended the fruitful discussions and exchanges of ideas, the two universities reached an agreement on the exchange in learning, student mobility, academic programme development and also research development. The two universities have signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the agreement with one another and hope that with this collaboration it will have a positive impact not just for the universities but also for the two countries, Malaysia and China.